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Group - Company profile - Zelari Piante
Group - Company profile
The "Zelari group" is made up of various different divisions, created in order to offer a vast range of services within the agricultural, environmental and facility management sectors, taking advantage of the company's operative harmony, based on intercommunication between the various areas of activity.

The Zelari family started up their traditional activity of nursery gardening in 1953 with the "Zelari" Farm.

At the moment they produce ornamental plants over a surface of approximately 150 hectares, set out in two macro-areas that have pseudoclimatic features that are favourable to the different types of cultivation that is carried out on them. Wholesales are targeted at the Domestic and European markets, especially in this last market where the company is concentrating its effort on widespread penetration by using partnership initiatives with specialised companies in order to promote the company's products.

The search for improved competitiveness, together with the aim of increasing services offered, led another two structures specializing in the environmental and facility management sectors, to link up with the Group.

In 1986 the company I.T.A.F., set up in order to carry out the activity of green installations in the North of Italy following a revision of the group's activities, aimed at the desire to specialize in the area of global service, was transformed at the beginning of 2000 into a company operating in the building sector with the role of planning, construction and property maintenance. Finally, in 1999 CO.SE.IM was set up Property Services Consortium for the Delivery of Property Integrated Management.
via Pratese, 527
51100 PISTOIA (PT) - Italia
Tel +39 0573 / 44511
Fax +39 0573 / 445190
Group - Company profile