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Zelari Piante - Company profile - Zelari Piante

Zelari Piante

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Zelari plants is a structured and organised company which approaches the domestic market following the principle standards attached to product quality and efficient service.

A passion for the job and experienced gained, has led to complete professional integrity, the knowledge that all productive and commercial divisions have been optimized to the maximum in order to meet market needs, which are frequently updated by participating at all the major trade fairs within the sector.

Seasonality and all those problems tied to the nature of plants are always the characteristics on which the company is able to assert itself and be competitive.

Under a productive and research point of view, the irreplaceable work of man is supported by mechanization using technologically advanced equipment which allows production to be improved and optimized. The internal logistic organization with its systems and clearing centers supports the distribution service that ensures the punctuality and integrity of product delivery throughout Europe.
via Pratese, 527
51100 PISTOIA (PT) - Italia
Tel +39 0573 / 44511
Fax +39 0573 / 445190
Zelari Piante - Company profile